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Nov' 22nd 2008--- Amit Yaari, paragliding student of Sitvanit graduated the High Altitude certification with 10 take offs from Sharona and Mevo Hama altitudes 530m.

Number of students certified for Paragliding solo high altitude flight, as of December 2008 - 98 Students.

Number of Tandem flights performed by Shimi Hanegbi, as of December 2008 - 2,200 Flights.

Sitvanit - Organization of Paragliding and Soaring - Certified by the Civil Aviation Authority in Israel.

Sitvanit's Manual of Operations, recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel as the guideline for conducting free flight paragliding activity in Israel.

Mount Tabor is renowned for being an excellent thermal machine , and so it is our main flying site. From here we fly our regular 25 km summer "Milk-Run" to the east, passing over the point where the Jordan River runs out of the Sea-of-Galilee. This is believed to be the place where Jesus was baptized.

Not too far away to the north-west lies the city of Nazareth. Here, almost two thousand years ago, a short, dark-haired and dark-eyed Jewish preacher named Yeshua was fleeing from his prosecutors. He fled south into the surrounding hills, the last and most southern of which is a steep cliff, dropping down to the Valley of Jezraa'el. Flying conditions then must have been much better than today's: using a light southerly breeze Jesus launched, gained some height, and made the first cross-country ever in this ancient and troubled land. He top-landed some 8 km to the east, right here on Mt Tabor. And here - according to a Christian legend dating from the 4th century, he went through the process of his Transfiguration.

We normally land on the eastern coast of the Sea-of-Galilee , 210 meters below sea level. This is where the Apostles saw Jesus walking upon the waters.

You can continue farther east into the Golan Heights if you like, but not for long

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